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New Source offers a comprehensive suite of therapeutic support surfaces, bariatric products; negative pressure wound therapy, and other durable medical equipment products for short-term and long-term equipment rentals to healthcare facilities.

Air Force 1000

The New Source Medical Air Force 1000 is a true Low Air Loss therapy mattress replacement system designed to facilitate blood circulation and provide maximum body tissue redistribution for treating and preventing Stage I to Stage IV pressure ulcers.

Air Force 1000 Low Air Loss therapy mattress replacement system
Versatech 1100 High/Low Expandable Bariatric Frame

Versatech 1100

High performance bariatric low bed designed to ensure the utmost safety for both patients and medical staff.

Air Ranger Pro

Advanced therapeutic solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.


The Air Ranger Pro system has three specific zones that provide enhanced and customizable support characteristics in the head, trunk and leg sections of the mattress. The Air Ranger Pro is available in both standard and bariatric models.

Air Ranger Pro Therapeutic Support Surface
Delta Force Therapeutic Support Surface

Delta Force

The Delta Force is a powered alternating pressure mattress replacement system designed to treat pressure ulcers Stage I-IV. The unique I.P.S. Technology ensures maximum pressure relief and incredible results.

Sentry 1200

The Sentry 1200 offers the therapeutic results and features you would expect to find in far more expensive systems. Incorporated into every Sentry 1200 mattress system is the assurance of superior technology, state-of-the-art features and proven pressure relief.

Sentry 1200 Therapeutic Support Surface
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