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Air Ranger Pro

Advanced therapeutic solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

The Air Ranger Pro system has three specific zones that provide enhanced and customizable support characteristics in the head, trunk and leg sections of the mattress. The Air Ranger Pro is available in both standard and bariatric models.

Air Range Pro - Therapeutic Support Surface

Dynamic Alternating Pressure

Dynamic pressure redistribution is achieved by alternately inflating and deflating the mattress’s eighteen individual air cells every five minutes. This precise cyclic loading and off-loading provides maximum differentiation between the inflated and deflated cells. The result is superior pressure redistribution across the entire body contact area.

Reduction of Friction and Shear

All Air Ranger systems are designed to address friction and shear. The cover material creates a low coefficient of friction between the patient’s skin and mattress to reduce these damaging forces

Visual monitoring of therapy

The controller continuously monitors and displays the air pressures delivered to each zone. This allows the caregiver to receive continuous feedback of the therapeutic settings.

Immersive Air Flotation

The air flotation mode (or static mode) provides an even level of air support for immersion and pressure redistribution far superior to that of standard mattresses. The flotation mode of the Air Ranger Pro can be customized for each patient depending on the patient’s weight and height and the level of firmness or softness desired within a therapeutic range.

Sensor technology

The Air Ranger Pro system incorporates sensor technology, which detects and automatically compensates for patient movement.

Patient height and weight setting

Enter the patient’s height and weight and press the auto set button. The advanced algorithms calculate and set the appropriate air pressure for each body zone and mode of therapy. If desired, the settings can be easily modified to suit specific needs.

Microvent Technology® Low Air Loss

The patented Low Air Loss cover provides a light and diffused air flow directly to the patient’s skin through thousands of microscopic holes in the top coverlet to address moisture and heat buildup, aiding in microclimate management.

Built-in memory

The Air Ranger Pro systems have a built-in memory, which stores all customized settings. Even after a power loss, all settings automatically resume to the previously programmed information.

Air Ranger standard and bariatric versions

The Air Ranger line of support systems is offered in both standard and bariatric versions. The standard Air Ranger systems support patients up to 500 lbs. The Air Ranger bariatric models are designed to support up to 990 lbs. Mattress widths of 39”, 42”, 48”, 54” and 60” are available.

Additional features

System Features

Air pressures are maintained in the mattress for several hours for continued patient support during transport or in case of power loss.

An audible and visual low pressure alarm is provided.

A CPR quick-release mechanism allows for rapid deflation of air during emergency procedures.

Controller Features

Fowler boost mode adjusts the mattress pressures to provide continuous support when the bed is placed in a fowler position.​

Max inflate mode creates a firm surface to facilitate lateral transfers and various caregiver procedures​.

Deflate mode allows for quicker and more complete deflation when repackaging the mattress​.

Chair mode allows for connection to the alternating pressure Air Chair surfaces.

Mattress Features

6.5” air cells integrated with a 1.5” foam base layer.

Interchangeable, replaceable air cells.

Zippered system with a flap to prevent unwanted fluid intrusion.

Flexible securing straps fit to any bed frame.

Carrying handles for easy transport.


Medicare Code
Limited Warranty
Compressor Pump: 3 years Controller: 2 years Mattress and cover: 1 year
Surface Specifications Dimensions
36” W x 80” D x 8” H (Fully Inflated) Custom Widths Available: 39”, 42”, 48”, 54” & 60” Mattress overlays also available in 4” and 5” heights
Operating Parameters
Pro Weight Range: 50-500 lbs. Pro Plus Weight Range: 80-990 lbs. Height Range: 46" - 78"
Electrical Parameters
Power Requirements: 120V, 60 Cycle AC Maximum Current: <1.0 A
Air Ranger Pro: 1921 lbs
Controller Specifications Dimensions
14.5"W x 6" D x 12.2 H
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